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Selecting the Proper Running Shoes is Crucial

Description: A guide to choosing the right shoes for the runner in youChelsea McKell, owner of UtahRunningGuide.com and former Brigham Young University cross-country athlete, urges those who have had trouble running not to give up.  As an avid runner McKell has experience with choosing running shoes and so she offers some tips to others looking to select the perfect pair.  

Buying running shoesa half to a whole size larger than what you’d normally wear is recommended because feet typically swell during exercise and need the extra room.  Getting a running-gait analysis is also recommended because it is a process that can assess the needs of your feet.  McKell also recommends not buying into trends, since everybody feet is different.  

As McKell points out, getting the proper running shoeis vital to a good workout. In order to further help you with your exercise regimen, it is recommended to seek the care of a chiropodist like Marz Hardy of Academy Foot and Orthotic Clinics.  Marz Hardy can work with you and give you a better understanding how your feet are affected by both running and walking shoes.

Differences Between Walking & Running Shoes

Flexibility – walking shoes are designed to have soft, flexible soles. This allows the walker to push off easily with each step.

Heel – walking shoes also have a beveled or angled heel. This helps absorb shock and puts less pressure on the ankles.


When you are running, you might not realize how much impact is being caused every time you land. Damage to your ankle, heel, or foot itself can occur if proper equipment is not used while running.

Light Weight – running shoes are generally made of more lightweight material to reduce the amount of weight your body needs to lift with each stride.

Thicker Soles – running shoes also provide shock absorbers that reduce the rippling effects of impacting the ground during each stride.

To learn more about how these types of shoes play a role in walking or running, visit our link below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office in Toronto, ON. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment services for all your foot needs.

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