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The Best Hikes Near Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and it’s not short of opportunities for getting out and about during the summer. One of the many popular outdoor activities during the warmer months is hiking. If you’re looking to make the most out of the summer, there are many hiking trails near Toronto to take advantage of. The number of options available for a beautiful afternoon hike is exciting, and we got you covered!

Best Hiking Trails

Here are the best hiking trails inside and outside of Toronto: 

Scarborough Bluffs Trail

This 6.8 km trail is one of the most beautiful and more popular outdoor trails. Its crystal clear turquoise water, sandy beach, and rocky cliffs have made the Scarborough bluffs one of Toronto’s go-to destinations for hikes. The terrain itself is not too challenging, so it’s a great opportunity for first-time hikers looking to get a view of Lake Ontario while enjoying a nice breeze. 

Rouge National Urban Park

The first national urban park in Canada is famous for its collection of both natural and cultural landscapes. The park covers an area of 75 km, which provides numerous hiking trails to choose from. Each trail has its own unique experience for Torontonians to take advantage of.

Some of the best park trails include:

  • Rouge Marsh Trail

  • Vista Trail

  • Mast Trail

  • Orchard Trail

  • Cedar Trail & the Beare Wetlands Loop

  • Monarch Trail

  • Coyote Trail

  • Tanglewood Trail

  • Woodland Trail 

Kerncliff Park

One of Burlington’s hidden gems, Kerncliff Park offers a beautiful view of the downtown lakeshore right from the cliffs. This is a great destination to experience breathtaking sunsets and witness the CN Tower from a great distance. 

There are shorter distance trails located in Kerncliff, such as the Woodland Loop and the Ian Reid Side Trail. If you’re looking for a real hiking experience, the Bruce Trail is a 900 km journey from Niagara to Tobermory. Not only is the Bruce Trail one of Canada’s oldest and longest hiking trails, but Kerncliff is part of its network, allowing for accessibility to other trails within.

Leslie Street Spit Trail 

Located on a peninsula in Lake Ontario, the spit trail offers unmatched views of the lake and the Toronto city skyline. Once a former construction dumping ground, the trail has been transformed into incredible wildlife preservation that offers one of the best hiking trails in Toronto. 

If you’re looking to experience nature, this hiking trail is truly a paradise with over 316 species of birds and 400 species of plants. The entire loop is about 11 km, with some additional side trails to adventure on. 

Dundas Peak Trail

An extremely popular spot for hiking, the Dundas trail provides some stunning views of the surrounding mountains, a historic mill, and scenic waterfalls from the Spencer Gorge. This wooded trail offers some rocky terrains, but once you reach the top, the trees clear up, and you can witness the beauty of the Dundas Valley. It’s also a gorgeous destination to visit during autumn when the leaves begin to change colour. 

Glen Stewart Ravine Trail 

A must-visit trail for anyone near Toronto. While it isn’t considered a hiking trail, walking through the tree-filled forest provides a much-needed escape from the city limits. This short trail is easy to navigate with its wooden boardwalks, staircases, and dirt paths. You will definitely get a workout walking up the 140-step staircase. If you’re looking for a peaceful and picturesque walk through the woods, the Glen Stewart Ravine is the place to go.

Humber River Recreation Trail

A longer urban hiking trail in Toronto, the Humber River trail is one of the best options. The trail runs along the peaceful West Humber River and makes for a great area to walk, run, or bike through. The paved pathways are a great addition for hikers of any level and an enjoyable place to bring children or dogs. 

During your hike, you’ll come across scenic wooded patches, bridges, waterways, and wildlife.

Humber Bay Park

The beautiful waterfront park is split up into three sections:

  • Humber Bay Park East

  • Humber Bay Park West

  • Humber Bay Shores Park

All three choices offer scenic landscapes, unparalleled waterfront views, and some of the best hiking trails in Toronto. There are endless opportunities for you when you choose to hike here. You’ll come across creeks, wooden boardwalks, and dirt paths that lead to secluded spots. If you go the right way, you could come upon the butterfly garden. 

Don Valley Trail

Starting at the Distillery District in downtown Toronto, this trail runs along the edge of the Don River. The trail is famous for its many murals and statues that you’ll come across during your hike. It’s a popular area for cyclists, runners, and hikers. The trail connects you to many other parks in Toronto, so you’ll have access to picnic facilities, water fountains, and bathrooms. 

Mount Nemo Trail 

Mount Nemo is a local favourite among hiking enthusiasts. This beautiful “summit” is located just west of Toronto and makes for a great spot for first-time hikers. A forested trail will lead you up to Mount Nemo, which offers fantastic views of the city skyline and the nearby countryside, and on a clear day, you can see the CN tower. During the summer and spring, you’ll notice a plethora of butterflies and wildflowers, which is why this trail is such a popular go-to. 

When going on any type of hiking expedition, it’s important to remember that you need to stay safe. Being on your feet all day and walking along any terrain, whether rough or paved, can cause a lot of foot pain. If you’re concerned about your foot health, make an appointment at our foot clinic in Toronto. Our foot specialists will be able to locate or address any concerns you may have, as well as provide you with custom orthotics to promote maximum comfort.



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