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Walking vs. Running; which is better?

walking vs runningRunning is a pastime many take up and for many different reasons; to slim down, to boost energy, etc. The benefits are undeniable: healthy heart, improved mood, boosted immunity to sickness. Recent studies have shown that these are just some of the side-effects of running; not including that running is one of the best ways to lose and maintain weight.

But the debate between walking versus running has new evidence; research shows that between the two, running is the way to shed pounds. Energy expenditure is more than doubled and running seems to release regulatory hormones that affect appetite—leading to the belief that it is another cause of weight loss and maintenance.

Regardless, walking and running have about the same overall benefits; lowered risk of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and better overall health.

All areas of the body need exercise, including the feet. For more information, see chiropodist Marz Hardy of Academy Foot and Orthotic Clinic. Marz Hardy can provide tips and exercises for your feet.   

Exercise for Your Feet

If you spend most of your time on your feet, or don’t either way your feet should deserve attention. There are many people who exercise regularly and still don’t spend enough time to care for their feet. Your foot does get exposure that requires maintenance since your health has a lot to do with footing.


Toe rise – this exercise involves standing on the tip-toes for a count of 15 seconds, then resting your feet on ground. This exercise should be repeated three times a day to strengthen the feet.

Toe Pick-ups – the toes are exercises that are done by picking up small items using your toes. This helps strengthen the muscles on the upper part of the feet. Three sets along with 15 seconds being held should be completed. Small items like marbles or stationary will work.

Ankle Pump – can be performed upwards or downwards. The workout can be completed both ways at the same time. This involves flexing the foot either towards the shin or to the ground. This makes the foot work very well, working large parts of the muscles.

To learn more about Feet and Exercise follow link below.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office in Toronto, ON. We offer the latest in diagnostic and treatment technologies to meet your needs.

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