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Orthotics are not just arch supports!

It seems that lately many people are getting into the foot care business and want to sell you orthotics. They offer you comfort and relief of your symptoms. Sounds promising but…

Ask: Just what are the qualifications of the person wanting to treat your feet?

If they are a foot specialist, then they are trained to recognize and treat foot disorders and you are in good hands. If, however, this person has training in another area and is doing foot care “on the side”, then you may want to consider getting a second opinion. 

Pronation/Flat Feet

If your arches flatten out when you stand up, and your ankles appear to roll in towards each other this is called "pronation". Basically this is due to a structural imbalance of the bones of the feet making them unstable so that they collapse rather than perform as a rigid lever to propel you from one step to the next.

This problem is easy to recognize. In fact, many people who recognize this want to sell you orthotics. If you’re having foot pain, then their offer to sell you orthotics may sound appealing.

Caution: Not all orthotics are the same. The results vary as some work well and others don’t.

Reason: The knowledge and training of the individual treating you usually is directly related to the success of your treatment. Also, there are a number of methods used in making orthotics. Some methods work well while other methods are less than desirable.

Before you get orthotics, inquire as to how they will be made.

Preferred:  A plaster cast taken of the corrected foot position assures the greatest accuracy in the fabrication of orthotics. When you are sitting with your feet non weight bearing, the ideal positioning of the foot can be achieved. This allows for maximum effectiveness when walking.  We have used this methodology in our practice for 30 years and up until now has been the “gold standard” for capturing a corrected foot position.

**NEW** — and even better….is a 3D Laser Scanner

We are now using a  non weight bearing 3D laser scanner which is  replacing the previously preferred plaster casting technique.  The foot is still positioned in its corrected non weight bearing “neutral subtalar joint” position and then the laser scanner captures that desirable foot shape and creates a virtual cast.  The lab then gets a 3D image of the foot as though they had a plaster cast.

Brought to you by Doctor John A. Hardy, owner of Toronto's foot clinic, Academy Foot and Orthotics Clinic.


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