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How to Pick the Best Foot-Friendly Hockey Skates

Protect your feet while still enjoying a fun-filled game on the ice.

Picking the best hockey skates for your feet can be just as important as choosing the right glasses or the perfect suit. Therefore, you want to really take time to consider which skates are the best fit for you. Also, it’s just as important to consider the health of your feet and ankles while skate shopping. So before grabbing the first pair of skates you see, your Toronto foot care specialist has some handy Hockey Playertips for choosing the skates that are just right for you.

Find skates that fit your purpose: Are you part of a competitive team or do you just enjoy the occasional ice hockey game on the weekend? This is an important part of deciding which types of hockey skates fit your needs. If you are playing often then you will want to consider paying more for your skates to ensure that they hold up, last longer and give you the necessary support you need to protect your feet from injury. Check them out in person: There are just certain things you should truly buy in person and hockey skates are one of them. You need to be able to try them on and make sure they aren’t too snug and that offer the right cushion and support your feet. You won’t be able to tell the fit of the skates just by checking them out online. Even if you’ve stuck to the same brands for years that is no guarantee. Brands often change their models over time. So one pair of skates might feel and fit differently than another pair from the same brand. Opt for a day at the sporting goods store instead to get the skates that will fit you best.

Find your fit: Never purchase skates that are too large or too small. You should find that the heel cup holds your heel firmly in place. A moving heel cup can cause heel spurs and blisters. If you are on a competitive team, you should look for skates that offer supportive ankle padding and full carbon insoles to offer the best stability for your feet. Be sure to lace the skates fully when you try them on to make sure you have the right fit. The general rule of thumb is that hockey skates are about 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than regular shoes.

Even once you find the right pair of skates you will still find that you will need to break them in. This usually takes about two to five hours on the ice; however, if you wear your skates around the house (being sure to use skate guards for safety) you can eliminate some of the pain you may experience when you first take your skates on the ice.

Whether you are a weekend athlete or a pro hockey player, you need foot care in Toronto,which means seeing you local CHIROPODIST should you notice any issues with your feet. Call our Toronto foot clinic today to make an appointment.


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