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How to Keep Feet Injury-Free During the Summer

podiatry healthy feetWhile Accuweather.com and the Toronto Star have predicted a cooler start to Toronto’s summer weather, we are still holding out for those warm rays of sunshine. With June around the corner, we are sure many Toronto residents are itching to get outside to participate in summer activities. Instead of lacing up their shoes, many people are probably ready for flip-flops, maybe even no shoes, meaning let the beach activities commence!
The beach is fun, but it can also pose harm to your feet if you aren’t careful. 

Watch Out for Hazards Lurking in the Sand

Sand—it screams beach, summer and fun; however, you should be aware of potential danger in the sand. Some beach-goers can leave litter behind, such as cans, glass bottles and other objects. Shards of glass and other sharp objects are dangerous to the environment and people’s feet. 
A cut caused by a dirty object can cause an infection. Treating flesh wounds is the first step to keeping your feet healthy. 
How to Prevent an Infection: 
1. Remove the foreign object (if possible)
2. Clean the injured area with cool running water and soap
3. Rinse the wound for at least five minutes
4. Apply antibacterial ointment on a shallow wound
5. Apply bandage
Remember: Keep the wound moist while it heals. 
Your foot should be fine after disinfecting and bandaging it, but keep an eye on it over the course of a week to see how it heals. If the cut continues to bleed, is deep and looks infected, we recommend you get the injury treated by a professional. 
Watch your step the next time you are on a beach. We trust the City of Toronto to keep our beaches clean, but you can never be too cautious. 
We recommend you see a foot specialist in Toronto if you have diabetes and an injury to the foot. Do you have further questions about feet and foot care? Call Dr. Hardy’s Toronto Foot Clinic, Academy Foot and Orthotic Clinics at (416) 465-8737. 


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