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There is an old saying, “when your feet hurt, you hurt all over!” Service with a smile is not always easy when your feet are aching, particularly for those in the hospitality industry who are on their feet all day long.

Many people think that having sore feet is normal and that there is nothing that can be done.

There is, in fact, a lot you can do to give yourself more comfort while on your feet so that you can focus your attention on customer service and not the pain of sore feet. Here are some tips that may help you:

  1. Comfortable shoes will make a big difference for men and women. There are now both ladies and mens dress shoes that have cushioned soles that will reduce the jarring of the hard floors of the hotel.

  2. If you spend a lot of time standing on your feet, doing some occasional stretching exercises for your calf muscles may provide you with some relief. Simply putting one foot ahead of the other and bending the forward knee will stretch the opposite calf. This can be done every so often for more flexibility and comfort.

  3. Toes that are sore from corns, which are thickened areas of skin, can be easily and painlessly treated by a Chiropodist. The acid preparations sold in drug stores often can do more harm than good and should not be used on corns or callouses.

  4. If you have painful callouses on the soles of your feet, they are due to a foot imbalance. The bones under these callouses are experiencing too much pressure and this can be relieved by having your foot mechanics corrected by a chiropodist.

  5. Sore arches or heel pain, are a common problem with hotel employees. Heel pads sold at drug stores and sporting shops may provide some cushioning, or applying adhesive tape under the arches may provide some temporary support. Usually heel and arch pain is due to a mechanical foot imbalance which can be corrected with orthotic devices prescribed by a Chiropodist.

  6. Ingrown nails occasionally occur with hotel employees. Many people fear lost time off work or severe pain in treating these, and so go on to suffer without having the problem looked at. These can be easily treated by a chiropodist with usually little or no pain.

  7. Cushioned insoles sold at sporting goods stores often provide enhanced comfort for those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

  8. Tendonitis or strained areas of the foot, can often be relieved by applying ice, or frozen peas, for example, for 5 or 10 minutes during your off time. Stretching exercises or range of motion exercises can help this problem as well.

Nowadays, foot pain should be a “thing of the past”. If sore feet are keeping you from working at 100% capacity, then it’s time to have your feet checked for good foot health.

By working in a hotel, you probably will wind up walking over 120,000 miles in your lifetime on one pair of feet that you can’t trade in. A little care and attention to your feet may go a long way in making you more comfortable and providing better service to your customers.

Brought to you by Doctor John A. Hardy, owner of Toronto's Foot Clinic, Academy Foot and Orthotics Clinic.



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