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  • 18 year old Rae Heim Crosses the Finish Line as she runs barefoot across the country for charity
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18 year old Rae Heim Crosses the Finish Line as she runs barefoot across the country for charity

Description: C:UsersjeffreyDesktopGary's Photosrunners title.bmp 18 year old Rae Heim, from Carroll, Iowa, finished her run across the United States barefoot, a journey of more than 3000 miles. She began her journey in Boston on April 1, and crossed the finish line on November 14th at the Manhattan Beach Boulevard in California. According to ABC, Heim earned $10,000 along the way plus 7,500 pairs of shoes. On Wednesday Skechers donated another thousand pairs.  Her cross-country run took seven months and raised donations and awareness for Soles4Souls, an organization dedicated to providing quality footwear to needy children throughout the world. "I just think you can't take anything for granted and you have to kind of look around a little bit to see what you can do to help, because you don't necessarily need to run across the country to get shoes on kids' feet," said Heim.

Heim’s incredible run is not only an inspiration to many, but it is making more and more people become aware of the wonders of barefoot running. However, when undertaking such a monumental task such as this, it is important to consult Marz Hardy of Academy Foot and Orthotic Clinics first. Marz Hardy will be able to give you some important information regarding your feet, running, exercising, and preventing injury.

Barefoot Running

The Impact of Barefoot Running
-Running without shoes changes the motion of your running, as most running is done by landing on the heel of the feet.
-Running barefoot requires a different way of running; the landing is done on the front part of the feet.

To learn more about the advantages and drawbacks of barefoot running, visit our link below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office in Toronto, ON. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment services for all your foot needs.

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